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Natural Swimming Ponds

Why a Natural Swimming Pool?

Natural pools represent a new culture of recreational waterscapes that were found in India during the earlier times. They are completely chemical-free, environment friendly, in total harmony with nature and a sustainable choice as a swimming pool. Absolutely no chemicals like Chlorine, Bleach, pH/alkalinity adjusters or even algaecides are used. Hence the water is absolutely safe for you and the plants and aquatic life that inhabit the pool.

Natural Swimming Ponds    Natural Swimming Ponds  Natural Swimming Ponds

Myths Behind Natural Swimming Pools

1. Natural ponds/pools cost about the same as traditional swimming pools in terms of construction at Rs.1000 per sft onwards. However, there are no chemicals or additions to be added and maintenance costs are minimal when compared to traditional pools.

2. You are building a natural ecosystem, that basically takes care of itself. There’s no monitoring of chlorine, pH or other water parameters. The most you might have to do is skim fallen leaves off the surface.

3. Any animal that would be attracted to the pool, adds to its beauty. These would range from dragonflies, frogs, birds and the occasional snake. But all these animals do not prefer open waters and would like to confine themselves to the planted areas. They are necessary for a healthy balance and to remove mosquitoes and larvae.

4. The design of the pool ensures that there is minimal debris accumulating at the bottom of the pool. All dirt gets siphoned off to the filtration system by gravity and this ensures a clean base.

5. Natural pools have a constant circulation of water with the help of extremely efficient pond pumps that use electromagnetic technology to keep water in circulation. These pumps consume about 1/7th the amount of electricity when compared to that of similar monoblock or submersible pumps. Also the use of fishes, ensures that mosquitoes and larvae are nullified.

6. Natural pools use advanced biological filtration to keep the water clean. The use of live plants also aids filtration. In fact the water can be expected to be as close to drinking water as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional Pool Conservation?

Traditional Swimming pools can be converted into Natural swimming pool provided there is sufficient area around the pool to add biological filtration and plant zone. However it would tern out to be a full renovation work.

Our Biological filtration can be designed powerful enough to handle fish food & food waste. We advice to feed very little feed as the fish tend to find their own food in the Natural pools along the rocks and plants


Separate area for plants is not a must. Plants add to the filtration and aesthetics of the pond. They alone cannot work as a complete filtration for pools in hot & tropical places like India. Biological filtration is a must for India.

Natural swimming pools can be designed in any shape and size. Right from 20ft to a couple of acres in size.

Algae is a part of all healthy living aquatic ecosystems. There are hundreds of different species and they all play a role in the complex web of life. All healthy aquatic ecosystems have algae in some form or another. Some species can be very beautiful. With the correct planting and biological design, species composition can be shifted toward species that are less vigorous and more appealing to the eye.The only swimming pond we have ever seen that did not contain any algae at all was poisoned with chemicals.