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Aquashoppe India Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer amongst online retail stores in India dedicated to the aquarium hobby, particularly freshwater planted aquariums. We are authorized resellers for international brands like Eheim, Hikari, Aquarium Pharmaceuticals (API), and direct distributors for Repashy Super Foods, USA.
Over the years, hobbyists have been struggling to source equipment and material to make world class aquariums, and the hobby's dire need for quality equipment--something that has been lacking in cheap Chinese imports with absolutely no warranties and questionable quality--has prompted us to launch our own brand, Living Waters, to provide various products from Lighting for planted aquariums, CO2 equipment, Conditioners, and Filtration accessories. Each of these products, which are to be launched one after the other, have been developed with strict standards and tested under tough conditions with ample consultation from leading hobbyists in the country. All our products come with a class-leading warranty and spares will be available widely.
We have set up a blog to answer most of the questions that newbies and planted tank hobbyists have in mind. We invite articles from other hobbyists across India to share their build, as we believe we understand more through sharing knowledge.
To make shopping online a pleasant experience, customers have the option of paying us through our secure online Payment Gateway, Internet Banking, Bank Transfer, and by Cheques. Our customer testimonials will add to your belief that you can trust us implicitly to cater to your needs and serve you with pride. We are constantly evolving new ideas for the betterment of the hobby and look forward to your fruitful interaction with us.
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