Genesis aquascaping soil - 9kg

Genesis aquascaping soil - 9kg

Soil is the essence of all growing planting life whether outside water or in it. Soil is required for the plant to root on and to gain nutrition from it. During the early days, aquarists had to be content with the use of sand or gravel in the aquarium as soil used to cloud the water. However, soil was always a preferred medium due to its high nutrient content. The onset of commercial baked soil has given a much needed impetus to planted aquariums.

Living Waters is entering the manufactured soil market with Genesis, a high quality planted aquarium substrate that would suit every pro-level hobbyist in the country. 

Highlights of Genesis:
This premium aquarium soil provides optimal water conditions for plant growth by maintaining a mildly acidic value with minimal increase in carbonate hardness (mildly acidic and low KH value).
The optimal granulation ensures adequate supply of oxygen and circulation of water to the roots.
Genesis is enriched with minerals and fertilizers to support rigorous plant growth. It is advisable to make 50-75% water changes daily for the first week). This is to remove any excess ammonia in the water.
Genesis is double baked for harder consistency and does not crumble easily, so lasts longer.
A very stable pH (mildly acidic) is achieved and consistently maintained. This makes the substrate an ideal ally for plant growth.
A naturally brown colored substrate that maintains water softness.
When using driftwood and rocks, balance them accurately using Living Waters ‘Nuri Lava’ under them and then use Genesis. This provides a stable platform for the rocks and driftwood and does not allow them to slide down. The porous nature of Nuri Lava also enhances water flow and a bacteria-rich base for plants.
It is better to add shrimps, two weeks after the initial setup of the aquarium with Genesis soil. This is to ensure that there is no spike in ammonia that could harm shrimp in any way.
Supplement with LUSH range of fertilizers to maintain a healthy planted aquarium.

Tear along the dotted line on top and fold inwards along the banded area to form a box structure. Fill with soil or cocopeat mix and use the bag for growing fresh vegetables for your consumption.

The 9 kg pack is suitable for a 60x30x30cm aquarium.
Also available in 3kg and 25kg packs

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