Twinstar Shrimp

Twinstar Shrimp

About product
TWINSTAR Shrimp is specialized for preventing tropical fish disease of 120 liter(~15%), sized 60cm~45cm~45cm tank. Please use the product with appropriate capacity and purpose

Product Feature 
TWINSTAR Shrimp kills the pathogens of crustaceans by its strong sterilizing.
* By the direct & indirect sterilizing, only a few minutes per hour operation kills pathogens by automation.
* TWINSTAR Shrimp can protect shrimps safely, especially the juvenile shrimps.

TWINSTAR Shrimp is safe because of coexistence with filter bacteria
* As there is no residual toxicity, it is limited to aerobic bacteria.
* Compared to UV sterilizer, TWINSTAR does not work steadily so regenerating and recovery of filter bacteria is rapid

60cm~45cm~45cm i120 L}15%j

For the best performance, Install TWINSTAR Shrimp at the bottom of water drain in tank. Please do not install near water draining rapidly. It may be cause of performance decrement.
1) Put the large suction sups on the mini and install inside tank. We recommend the bottom area of a tank.
2) Put the small suction cups on the side of TWINSTAR IC.
3) Put on TWINSTAR IC on back side of a tank.
4) Connect TWINSTAR Shrimp’s cable and TWINSTAR IC’s cable with.
5) Connect TWINSTAR IC’s Power input terminal and Extension cable. Connect adapter and extension cable with.
6) If press Power button once, power will be switched and TWINSTAR starts operating as lamp blinking.

User Guide
1) Please install the product after removing dust completely.
2) If a little bit of salt is included in fresh water for medical remedy, please remove salt before installing the product.

How to Reset the mode (Reformat algorithm) 
TWINSTAR has ALC Program built in which operates depending on aquarium’s environmental changing. To reset the mode means reformat program to the initial program. Reformat is needed if you reset your aquarium or make new aquarium and install TWINSTAR again. Press the power button over 10 seconds to reset the mode.

TWINSTAR Shrimp’s cleaning & replacement 
1) Cleaning solution is diluted 20cc sodium hypochlorite with 1000cc water to soak for 3 hours and use soft sponge wipe the around plastic part, do not wipe the electrode.
2) TWINSTAR Shrimp part (diffuser)is a consumable item and will need replaced periodically. If you are using this product in accordance with the instruction manual, can be used for 9 months to 14 months

TWINSTAR can only be used the fresh water aquarium, not be used saltwater aquarium, also not be used for any other purpose.
1.Please read this manual and follow the description.
2. Please check whether animal or plants (including ornamental fish) are safe for days after installing the product. We are not take the responsibility for fish die after your review. 
3. Do not wipe or grab TWINSTAR Shrimp’s electrode. 
4. Please supply the power after all parts installed. 
5. Do not put your hands inside the tank when product operates. 
6. Do not drop or give excessive force. 
7. Must be put off the power button when installation or changing water. 
8. If you will not use product for long time, please unplug the power cord. 
9. Do not use the wrong way, modify or disassemble the unit. 
10. Keep the product from child.

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