Cryptocoryne wendtii

Cryptocoryne wendtii

Cryptocoryne wendtii  is one of the most variable species, with several color variations including reds, browns, greens, and several mixes of those. To add to the variety, the texture of the leaves can vary greatly within the species, as can the leaf size, ranging from 5 to 18 inches. It can also be one of the easiest plants to grow and cultivate, even if it does have some finicky moments. Cryptocoryne wendtii can tolerate low light or high light, and seems to respond with longer foliage in lower light conditions. While it responds to CO2 injection, it will grow perfectly fine without it. The plant only requires stable conditions and some time to adjust after being introduced into a new setting. This variably sized Cryptocoryne can be used as a foreground plant in larger tanks with good light, assuming a variety is chosen that tends not to grow too large (such as the green varieties), or as a nice focal point in the midground of moderately sized aquariums. In smaller tanks it can be used as a distinct background plant where its leaves may reach the top and bend over to float along the water’s surface.
Its rosette growth form provides contrast to clumps of stem plants and can be used to separate the aquascape into well-defined groups or sections. The aquascaper can also take advantage of this growth form by using it to hide the bottom portions of stem plants, as stem plants tend to shed the leaves on the lower portions of the stem because they are deprived of light.
A well-planned grouping of Cryptocoryne wendtii can be used to make an attractive focal point or to draw focus to an adjacent area of interest. The wide variety of color and texture forms available within this species gives the aquarist a vast array of choices that will best suit the intended use.

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Family: Araceae
Genus: Cryptocoryne
Region: Sri lanka
Light Needs: Low
Size: Leaf size: 5 to 18 inch
Growth Rate: Slow
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Foreground - midground

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